Release Notes

Release 08.07.2019

Simple Work Order Creation from Staff Schedule Board

You can create a job and assign it from the staff view board with simple and fewer steps.

Click on the time slot on the row of the Staff member and you will get the following window for Create Job

Click on the Create Job button and the work order creation will open up.

Enter Customer Details and Job information and hit the save button. Job will be created and assigned to that staff member for the selected date/time.

CRM from Mobile

You can now create or edit customer from your mobile phones and tablet.

Navigate to Customers from the menu.

Click the New button on the top right.

Add all relevant customer detail and click Save

For more information on Customer page please read this.

See the newly added Customer in the Customer page.

Click the three black dots to get the edit menu.

Click on Edit to Edit the Customer or Click on New Job to create a job for this customer.

Multiple Roles for Professional

You may have a lot of service professionals in your organizations and you want to control what they can see or do in your system. You may not want all the professionals to have same roles. You may have supervisors or leaders with elevated privilege than other techs.

Now you can create different roles for technicians.

Navigate to Settings -> Admin -> Roles

Create a new Roleand check the is Technician box before Saving.

You will have many roles for Technician in the list.

Navigate to permission page and select the roles you want to set permissions for from the drop down box. Check and un-check the permissions you want then click save.

Integrated Payment Processor

ServiceWorks now has the built in payment processor for Credit Card. Its only 2.85% + 25 cents per transaction. There is no other fee.

Send us request via email if you would like to enroll for this processor. Here is the form you can fill up to enroll. Please send this form to once you have filled it up.

You can use this method to collect payment in the field, or use it from back office system or use it as a external payment link to customers which they can pay online later.