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The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two

Have you ever encountered a situation , where you visit a website , spend sometime on it and suddenly want to get to a particular page/ perform a task , but you are completely lost not knowing where to go ?

Having too many tabs or interface can get overwhelming eventually. Many software in the field management which are in trend these days use this as a representation of simplicity.

The process flow of these software programs make you bounce back and forth from one interface to the other, sometimes it may also have many interface levels as well. It would be major levels which contains minor levels.

This is where it gets confusing after seeing the end of the line interface of the most crucial operation process of your business, you have forgotten where you have started from and the objective to automate it, is lost and your mind’s focus has already shifted to think about where you had started. Generally, systems are complex but there are better ways to showcase it.

Research has shown that most people have troubles remembering more than seven items in the short term. Long-term memory is not as reliable as how people think, experiments show that though people think they remember their childhood accurately, they remember it slightly differently in each decade as they get older. Memory is not a photographic record of events.
Some people teach themselves to remember hundreds of numbers by linking each number to a visual image, which means that visual memory is better than verbal. It’s easier to remember things as we see them at a glance.
If creating a work order is the meat of your business, then why not keep it simple. Creating work order in ServiceWorks happens in 7 steps in one single page:

ONE – Add a Customer

TWO – Fill in your work order information

THREE – Add your Service Items

FOUR – Add your Charges to the Invoice

FIVE – Add job forms as checklist s/ Surveys/ feed backs

SIX – Schedule it.

SEVEN – Save it

In 7 simple steps create your work order without navigating to different interface. So less to remember while so much to do!