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ServiceWorks Mobile App works in Dead Zone

Following are the steps that your technicians should follow as a part of best practice to avoid loss of data during poor or spotty connections in the dead zone.

  1. Log in to your APP every day, Key in your username and password

2.Click on the 3 horizontal lines in the right top corner of the screen, to get the menu , as shown in the above image, here we will be using the manual data sync option which will download your scheduled ticket data for the current date, the feature will enable your technicians to work on all the schedules tickets for that particular date irrespective of the network conditions.

3. Following screens are for reference to see how your data will sync up. Click on Download Data button to start the sync.

4. The recommendation here to prevent the loss of data is, while you start experiencing a spotty network is you should disconnect the device from Mobile data or WiFi (Not in Airplane mode) but keep your location services on after the data is manually synced.Once you have done this you will not have internet access on your device but you will still be in the zone of your network provider.

Now coming back to the APP click on the  Go to Home button to see all the scheduled jobs/tickets for the day and the technicians can go about completing the jobs as they would do in regular network conditions.

5. The APP data automatically syncs up every 30 mins when the network connectivity is rich and available, however we recommend that once your day is over and all jobs have been completed in order to prevent loss of data of any kind , technicians should sync up the data at the day where they have full connection.In order to do this we need to again follow the same path and click on

6. Once the data is synced you will see the following screen and you will know the ticket/job numbers that will be updated.

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