View/Edit Customer

Click the Edit option from the Customer row to land on the Customer Detail page. Here you can edit any information related to this Customers.

Customer Detail

We support three types of Customer

  1. Company
  2. Residential Customer
  3. Property Management

Different data elements for the customer are listed below:

  • Multiple Address: Any type of the customer can have multiple contact address by clicking the Add new Address link. You can set each address to be the Billing or Property or Both.
  • Notes: You can add notes about this Customer and a note for each address. These notes will be persisted when you create a new job for this customer.
  • Tax: The right side of the Customer Detail box shows you the Tax details for this customer and if this customer is On-Account then the Credit Limit enabled for customer.
  • Payment Details: You can see all the payment history of this customer

Customer Account

You can enable credit limit and transform this customer as on-account customer. You can set the credit limit and the system will automatically check the upper limit and send notifications when the Customer has reached this limit.

Service History

You can see the past service history of the customers. You can click on the details to navigate to the Job Detail page and see the complete history of this job. You can print the Job by clicking the Print link.


You can see the past and current Invoice generated for this customer and the status whether its paid or not.

At the bottom right you can click Save button to save all updates. You can click the New Job button to create new work order for this customer where all the customer information will be pre populated.

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