Release Notes

Release 07.24.2019

Simple Job Creation

Create a job right from the calendar page without leaving the calendar.

Click on the calendar cell on the time you want , and then click create Job.

Enter all your information in the Job Creation form. Enter new or Pull up an existing customer. Enter Job description, select Job Type and enter Job Note.

Click the save button and you will see the job in your calendar.

You can assign professionals to this job by clicking on this job in the calendar and selecting Change Professional.

  1. You can assign one or more professionals to this job.
  2. You can drag the job to increase the job duration.
  3. You can move the jobs to different slots in the calendar
  4. And of course you can navigate to the detail of this job for entering more information like Service Items, Job Forms etc.


We have improved the notifications with the introduction of a notification panel from the right. All your notification are displayed here by grouped time frame. You can see notifications for Today yesterday, This Week, This Month, and all other by Months. You can easily clear out notifications by clicking “Clear All Notifications”.

You can filter notifications by type. The third party orders are kept in a separate tab for easy viewing.

Customer Import

Easily import your customer data from any system using CSV files or excel files. Make sure you have this columns in your files. First Name, Last name, Email, Phone, Secondary Phone, Address1. Address2, City, State, Zip.

Click on the Import button on the top from the Customer page and it will navigate you to the import page. You can only import 1000 records at a time.

If you need more than 1000 records to be imported, you can do it with multiple files.

Square Integration

We are integrated with Square to process your credit card payments.

  1. Enter your Square Credentials in Configuration-> Payment Gateway -> Square
  2. Check the Enable for New Transaction
  3. And you are all set to use this.

Note: Square Payment Integration is not supported from Mobile app, but it is available from web app and responsive app.