Release Notes

Release 07.08.2019

Customer Acquisition and tracking made easy in this release.

Customer Lead Status

Acquiring customers is a process. Customers can be at different stages. We have incorporated status with a Customer.

When you enter a new customer from Customer Page , the customer will have open status.

When you associate a customer to a job , it will have the Converted/Qualified status.

You can also create any number of status based on your pipeline or workflow from Configuration-> Customer –> Lead Status settings.

The customer status can be changed from the Customer grid page. Select the appropriate status from the Status dropdown and click on Done.

The Customer page also presents a summary of all the customers by status. This is a easy view for you to understand how many qualified customers you have and how many you have to work on.

Customer Detail

You can see the complete information about any Customer from the detail page.

Service History: List of all services completed for this client.

Sales History: List of all items sold to this customer.

Invoice: List of all invoices generated for this customer.

Work Request from your Website

You can embed a custom script into your website and get work requests from customers. The color scheme can be changed to match your website theme. When customers create a request , the new customer information will be automatically added to your ServiceWorks database and then you can easily follow up.