Release Notes

Release 06.20.2019

Form Library:

The custom form creation framework is in place. You will be able to create any types of multi questions forms just like google forms with ease and associate the form with Job to use this as Job Forms.

Go to the Settings Gear on Top Right Corner then drill down to Forms from the left navigation menu bar.

All the forms will be found in this library. You can search the form with their name to filter down forms. Or Add new forms by clicking the Plus ison on he top right.

The form creation is powerful and you can add many types of answer options. Checkbox, Date, Dropdown,Multiple Choice, Paragraph, Short Answer, Time. You will also be able to add Titles to group sections and you can also use Image to demarcate a section.

Job Forms

When you have created the jobs , the next step is to associate forms to a job. In the right panel of the Job page you will find the NEW Job Form panel.

Click on the Search Button to , search for available forms.

You can select one or many forms and associate those to the job.

The Forms will be marked as Pending till it is completed and submitted by team members or tech. So you will know the progress of the form right from the Job page.

At the field

When field techs go to the property and takes out their hand held device , they can look at the forms and fill in all the details in there and submit it.