Release Notes

Release 06.11.2019

Email Uploaded Content to Customers

You can send all the contents your team has uploaded in the field to the customer at any point of time, without waiting for the job to be completed or invoice being generated.

Upload Photos From Admin

Go to All jobs page and select the job you want to edit. Scroll down to the Schedule Information and click on the content tab. You can Select Category of the content and choose file to browse the files you want to upload. After upload , click the Save Job button at the footer to save the job. After the job is sent you can click the Send Email button and the email will be sent to the customer’s email address with the content attached.

Upload Photos from Field

You can open the job from your dashboard and click Update Job from the option menu. Then Open the Content Option to upload filed from your devices. You can add Descriptions also.

Add Event Specific Content From Field

Click Options and select Known Issues to add content related to this event.
Click the Options and Select Customer Not available to add content related to this event.

Online Payment Link For Customers

In the Job Completion template you can add a External payment Link token for the Customers. to pay online.

When the job is completed, an email will be sent to the Customers with the link in it. You can change the email template to your content and brand, just the {PaymentLink} token is needed if you want to enable online credit card payment.

Book Service Item In Online Booking

Now you can configure and add Service items for your online booking forms. Customers can select any item and add quantity to it.

**There are more features of Instant Booking coming up in the upcoming release so stay tuned!

Custom Forms Library

You can create custom forms and can use those forms for multiple usage. You can associate those with job to use this as checklist or use it to create surveys for the Customer feedback.

Login to your account and go to the settings by clicking the gear icon on the top right. Then Find the Form menu on the left navigation.

In this release you can Create Form, Edit form. So get started on Creating your Form Library.

In the next release you will be able to associate the forms to a job and use it as Checklist. You will also be able to Download and Email the completed form to Admin and Customers.