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How to schedule a new Job using Service works

This article is all about scheduling a Job using Service Works.

Click on the schedule option, here you have all the technician information on the left side that are color coded

And to the righthand side you have a calendar representation of all the jobs scheduled in the system categorized periodically based on a month, week, day and hour.

You can schedule Jobs in Service Works in two ways

  • You can either click on the New Jobs under the Job option or
  • to create a job for a specific time by just clicking on the calendar.

Either options will take you to the create new job page where you can enter the specific and detailed information pertaining to the job

First you can enter details of the customer, enter a new customer info or select a customer already pre-configured in the system by typing in the first 3 letters, the latter will automatically fetch all the information of the selected customer

You can move on to further enter the Job information such as the job description, call receive date, call receive time, Job type, source of call, type of call, Job status  and add any notes pertaining to the job that’s probably going to be helpful to the field technician

Enter Service Item, you can choose services from the pre-configured drop-down list, which automatically fetch the price, cost and quantity of the service. These fields are editable, so it gives you the flexibility to make changes at the time. You can also add a new service item by clicking the Add button. In the pop up that follows, enter all the information pertaining to the service, select the industry, enter the name, description, cost, price, unit of the service and save.

Enter Item list, add any number of items that you require on the scheduled job

Charges can accommodate any extra charges or miscellaneous charges with the schedule

Next Enter the Schedule information. Click on the Add button and here you can enter the start date, time and duration of the job. Now it’s time to assign professionals to get the job done. Click the Professional button and choose from a list of all your professionals and see their availability for the time frame you are looking for. You can also assign one of the members as the leader of the team. Select your professionals for the job, be an individual or a team by clicking the checkbox in their profile. And see the job color coded and the professional assigned to the schedule. Click on done to complete the process. Under the schedule Information you can see the information of the customer and professional you have assigned for the job. Now Save the job and your ticket is created and click Ok.

The status of the scheduled Job is now available with all the info that you have entered on the Edit job page, which gives you the flexibility to make last minute changes or correct any errors or the like

Also, if you have a recurring job that repeats on a periodical basis. You can create recurrence for such scheduled jobs.  Click on the recurrence option that is found along side the Job information and custom enter the details of your recurrences, once you have entered the specific pattern of your recurring jobs you can click Save. The schedules for repetitions of the job will be created with the information you have entered.

Mobile App

Now we can log out from the Administrator view and login to see the technicians view. This is the technicians’ point of view. He can see the schedule information assigned to him. Click on the issue details to see the customer info, ticket info and job status

The technician can mark his progress for a day with the various status available – Start day, On break, End day and so on

By clicking on Option, He can mark his progress with the job assigned – whether EnRoute, arrived, complete cancelled etc.

The technician can update job information. Enter information such as explanation of service, service and item list, upload contents such as files and pictures from the field etc.

Finally update and submit invoice details.

This will take you to the payment options. Your customer can choose from the different method of payment options. Once your technician obtains your customer’s digital signature and click Ok. Your job is done.

From a technician’s point you have the various options like deposit, message, request time off and search tickets and un-assigned jobs

Now we sign out from the technician view, and login to the admin view. On the schedule page we can see the completed status of the job with all the information added along in the process.


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