ServiceWorks Flow for Online Booking

I am going to show you the workflow in ServiceWorks for Service Business. From a customer requesting job to Scheduling Job, optimizing jobs, Generating Invoicing and getting paid. We live in a fast paced and busy world and customers want to connect easily at any time.

Instant Booking

With ServiceWorks Instant Booking customers can schedule job from your website or social media site 24 hours a day.

Entering their name, contact info, selecting the services they need and schedule a job by selecting the open slots from your calendar. This automatically creates a job and client profile in the ServiceWorks account. It sends you an email letting you know that you have received a new job request.

Sign in and open the job request in your account and open the job. You can add additional details and even add more service items or additional charges that may be needed for this job.

Recurring Job

You can set the recurrence of the job and make it customizable. Set a schedule on weekly on Mondays, or Monthly on the second Tuesday of the month. Recurring settings can be changed as well if your customer decides to go for a regular Wednesday setting instead of Monday.

Sign in and open the job request in your account and you can assign team members to complete the job. Or if you want to optimize the day to day job and skip manually assigning the jobs, you need to go to ServiceWorks optimization.


You can pick the day you want to optimize the jobs for and just click optimize. It will consider the availability of your team members, driving distance, weather condition and automatically assign jobs to the best possible member and create the perfect route for completing this job. Cool huh! Just saved you hours of time.

Now your customer has requested a job, and the job has been scheduled, all without having to email back and forth or trying to find time to call during business hours. Less time scheduling a job means you can spend more time doing the job or get more jobs done in the same time.

Mobile App

You and your team can view their schedule from ServiceWorks mobile app. They can see client and job information. Send En-route and arrival notification to the clients. All of these actions are geo-time stamped, so you know how much time has been spent on each transit.

The service professionals can get job disclaimers signed from the customers before the job if needed and upload any pictures before the job starts.

During the job the service professional can add any additional service item and charges to the job. At the time of job completion, they can collect customer signature for all the after-job disclaimer. They can collect payment on site and email the invoice to the client. When the Invoice is sent the job is marked complete automatically. And the time taken to complete this job is also tracked.


The client can view the invoice from their email, and it will have all the details of the service performed, additional charges and pictures taken during the job.

Payment Link

If the clients didn’t pay on site, they can pay via the payment link you have sent along with the invoice. They simply click the Pay Now link and enter their credit card information and hit submit.

Backoffice has complete visibility to everything that happened during this job. You can see the logs and the professional actions to see how long it took to complete every phase.


You always want to be engaged with your customer and sent promotional emails that highlights your services, discounts and promotions in an ongoing basis.  You can go to the customer list. And then select all or a few customers and click the floating green arrow to compose an email. You can format the email anyway you want and just click the send button to send the emails to all the customers.

Customer Management

Customer Management can be a tedious task and keeping track of who paid and who didn’t pay is even bigger task. ServiceWorks makes it all simple. You can Go to the Customer Account Receivable section and see all the payment that is due. ServiceWorks even provides you the option to add finance charge for delayed payments. You can collect payment directly from the AR also and mark items as paid. You can generate monthly Statements and sent it to customers with ease.

Get what you need

We just went over the happy path where a customer sent a job request, then job was scheduled, the job was completed, and Invoice was sent and Paid by customer. There are many other scenario ServiceWorks can handle, like rescheduling a job, creating an estimate and getting approval signature for the estimate. Every business is different and may need a little tweak in every workflow. ServiceWorks can make it happen for you. You ask and We Deliver. We are your friends in Service Business helping to optimize and grow your business.

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