Release Notes

Release 06.03.2019

Inventory Lookup By Description:

While creating new job or editing a job you can add items or parts needed for completing this job. Earlier you could look up the item by its item number. Now the search scope has been expanded and you can do wildcard search on item name. The possible matches will show up in a grid and you can select the best match to use in the job.

Hot Scheduling or Self Assign Jobs

If you have a business process where you want your contractors or team members to be responsible for picking up the job and assigning the jobs to themselves based on the job description and other necessary details, then this is the feature you absolutely need.

  • Step 1: Admin or person responsible for creating job enters a new job with property location and details.
  • Step 2: All available field members gets notification of new job being posted
  • Step 3: The field members assigns the job to themselves from the mobile app. Once someone has picked up the job, it’s not available for others to pick up.
  • Step 4: Admin approves the job or rejects the job
  • Step 5: Field member completes the job if the job was approved.
  • Step 6: If the job was rejected then it gets into the pool of unassigned jobs.

Online Booking

You can get more bookings directly from your website by using ServiceWorks Snippet. Add the customized script specific to your company in your website and customers will be able to book jobs directly from there.

The customers will get notification when the job they booked is assigned and scheduled to be completed. Instant booking will save a lot of time for creating jobs and enhance ability to get more jobs to complete.