Features Tutorial

Recurring Jobs

Recurring Job is a Job which is set to automatically repeat for the same Client based on a pattern you create. 

Recurring Jobs are used for scenarios such as:

  • Regularly occurring services (ex. a weekly pool cleaning service)
  • Honoring a Client’s long-term contract (ex. cut grass every 2nd Tuesday)
  • As reminders for future work to be done (ex. check HVAC units monthly)

With Recurring Jobs, you:

  • Save time, by duplicating basic information from your original Job (“parent”) to its recurrences (“children”)
  • Improve customer service, by allow you to easily provide Clients with visibility into future visits
  • Keep your business running, by ensuring you don’t forget to perform important services

How to create a recurring job?

A Recurring Job can be created anytime from an existing Job by selecting “Recurrence” from the Job Details section on a Job Information.

The recurring jobs will auto assign the same professional team you selected for the main job. Or of it was unassigned – it will auto generate unassigned jobs, which you can them assign using our powerful optimization.

Custom Schedule

  You can schedule custom recurring jobs just like you do in google calendar.

Daily – Select 1 day interval to repeat jobs ( ex every 4 days)

Every Week Day – Schedule repeating jobs consecutively on all weekdays (M,T,W,Th,F)

Weekly – chose which day of the week you want the job to be performed. You can select multiple days during a week ( ex Tuesday and Thursday)

Bi-Weekly – Set the repeat every to 2 and select the day on which you want the job to happen.

Monthly – you can either pick a date of the month (ex 15th) or a day of the month (ex 3rd Friday)

Yearly – create a job by year to repeat on specific date for multiple years which can end on a specific date or after certain occurrence.

Change Recurrence

  • If you customer calls and asks to change to cut the grass every other Wednesday instead of every other Tuesday, you can go and pick the latest upcoming job and change the recurrence of all the upcoming jobs easily.
  • If your customer wants to change the schedule of only one job that is in recurrence schedule you can change it for just this job.
  • You can also reschedule a particular job from the regular reschedule functionality without affecting the recurrence of other jobs.