Release Notes

Release 05.20.2019

Product Management

Create and manage all of your product, equipment or asset from one single page. You can now view the complete life cycle of product.

Create New product with the ability to add Model, Serial number, Identification number. You can generate bar code of one or multiple products with easy click.

The service history of every product which are now associated with a product gives you a complete idea of the life cycle of this product.

Look up your product with any one of model/serial or identification number to see the details associated with it.

If a equipment has switched between different customers you can still pull it up by the model/serial and see the list of customers it has been associated with.

Recurring Jobs with Blackout and Must Go Dates

The recurring jobs has been upgraded to include must go dates and blackout dates of the customer. Pretty cool , right.

Now you can schedule a bi-weekly job on every other Thursday except for Thanksgiving automatically.

Also you can setup a must go date, that may not be a Thursday.

Optimization next will take care of all these jobs and assign appropriately based on technician time off and skills and distance.