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Quoting a Job? How ServiceWorks Helps You Set the Right Price

In the modern economy of today, time is money. No matter what kind of job you have whether its architecture, engineering, accounting or marketing, in the end, you are exchanging time for money. However, for keeping pace with the competition in the field service industry; you need the help of an advanced field service software. It brings more benefits than the best equipment in the market and experience combined. It allows you to do your routine tasks like scheduling, invoicing, and time tracking at the same time without any hurdles. Hence your business runs smoothly and you can perform your daily operations in an effective way.

Why you should do pricing by using the Field Service Management Software?

1st Scenario:

Assume that you are based in the landscape industry and you receive a new job request. You come to know that your client owns a vast area of land, perhaps in acres. And he or she wants you to first do cultivation on it and then plant trees around it. Your client also wants you to install a waterfall rock garden. Your client is in a rush and wants the gig to commence at the earliest. Your potential client has received multiple offers and is in the process of comparing the quotes.


The process of quoting for a new job becomes very simple by using a field service app. It allows many features including the advanced billing and estimation. New items required for completing the job can be easily created. This includes the equipment required and the hours billed by labor. You will also be able to import previous items from the similar jobs that you have completed in the past. This will ensure that your quote aligns with the pricing structure of your company and is at the same time accurate. Once you are done with this, you can simply send your quote within seconds to the possible future client.

2nd Scenario:

Assume that you manage to land the job and send your skilled labors and technicians to start working on the job in the field. Your employees report that your client wants the waterfall garden to have brambling vines around it as well.


If you use a smart field service application then this won’t be any problem for you. Your staff will be immediately able to add this item to the agreed invoice. This will help your client in getting a real-time, up-to-date and accurate estimate. Hence allowing your business to take advantage of the unique opportunities which arise while working in the field.

The additional features of field service software which helps in generating a competitive quote

Personalized Accounts:

While helping to create an accurate estimation of competitive invoices, the field service software also allows you to customize your invoices and quotes for your individual clients. If you choose to do so then your clients will get a vivid breakdown of expenses for equipment, parts and the labor billed. It will also report the tracked time for each project. These calculations can be easily exported in an Excel or PDF document for future reference.

Inventory Updates:

The field service software will also help you in managing your inventory in real time. This will ensure that your technicians always have access to sufficient supplies. You will also get a notification when inventory needs a refill or when it reaches above the sufficient level.

Tracking Time:

For most jobs, you often need to track the hours billed by your employees. The field service software can help you with this by instantly recording the time put in by your employees. If a certain employee chooses for overtime then that will be recorded as well.

Technicians mark Start Day when their day start, and End day when there day ends. They can mark On Break when they are not working.

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