Release Notes

Release 4-23-2019

This release is packed with many useful features that was awaited by many of you.

Bulk Invoice Print

Generating invoice has never been simpler than what you can do with ServiceWorks. Just click a button a generate multiple invoice in one single PDF.

Multiple Contacts for Customer

Individual Customer: Now you can add as many contacts as you want for the customer.

Company: You can create multiple address under same company. This way you will have only one account but can service many addresses or locations. Set the appropriate billing address and customer address with ease.

Property Management: Add as many customers you want under a property management and add as many contacts as you want for each service address.

Service List

For any service industry this is a dream feature. You can preload industry specific service line items and customize the price, cost or description of it according to your need. Go to Settings –> Configuration–> Service List and load the industry of your choice.

Add new Job from Calendar

You can add new job directly from the calendar by left click on the time slot of the calendar.

Admin Access to Mobile App

Admin can now login to our mobile app and look at all the jobs assigned for each day.

ServiceWorks is here to customize our platform JUST FOR YOUR BUSINESS.