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How Can Analytics Help in Field Service Management in 2019

We hear about the importance of analytic software, data analysis, and big data a lot these days. Well, guess what it’s not a fad rather it’s something that is here to stay for a long time. The data science has accomplished new heights in the aspects of influencing power and computing capability. And this leads to many new possibilities in just about every industry there is.

The industry leader GAFA, i.e. Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are the pioneers of the digital revolution. But they are not the only ones involved anymore. Data explosion affects every business and company and its potential influence is immense. And companies based in the field services are no exception.

The Predictive Analytics

Powerful computer tools are used by the predictive analytics techniques for analyzing massive volumes of data generated in the digital world of today. And the results are used for predicting future patterns and events. Companies in the field service can really take advantage of this technology especially when you get to know what types of possible predictions are there.

Using the Past for Predicting the Future  

Everything and anything involving change can be predicted. Whether it is maintenance tasks, spare part inventories, schedule of field technicians or the possible change in the level of customer satisfaction. However, for predicting these you must have appropriate analytic tools and relevant data.

The predictive analytic techniques are applied by using state of the art computing algorithms for analyzing large sets of statistical data which reveals the trends which aren’t obvious otherwise and can’t possibly be detected by human eye observing the data.

Predictive analytics can be used in field service management for analyzing data from previous service calls for developing numerical & statistical models which can help in forecasting the possible equipment failures, change in customer behavior, the performance of field technicians, inventory levels of certain products & parts and many other such things.

The Advantage

The shift to the digital world where easy access to information is available to people by the internet and immediate responses by smartphones have altered the equilibrium of power between the customers and the field service providers. Today, the customers are more powerful than ever and demand a royal treatment.

If you are a field service provider then your customers know everything there is to know about you and your biggest competition. This availability of information creates an increased expectation of being quality of service, responsive, visible, mobile, and other parameters of performance. Hence, being a field service provider you have no other choice than evolving your operational quality for meeting the demanding standards of your customers.

However, this evolution is easier said than done. Things have been changing in the past few years but the field service providers haven’t been among early adopter of modern operations. The very few field service companies who managed to adopt early show that by moving to digital operations many potential benefits can be achieved. Praxedo, a European company has been advocating for more than a decade the use of nontraditional and paperless processes in the field service management sector, so we can assume that things are starting to move in a right direction.

ServiceWorks with Predictive Analytics

Modern Analytic tools which are available in ServiceWorks can help the field service providers in offering innovative and efficient service management capacities which can exceed the expectations of the customers. And this can only be made possible by using massive volumes of data relating to customer behaviors and service activities which can now be collected by field service management companies.

Predictive analytics technologies will be an integral tool in the near future for meeting customer requirements more innovatively and efficiently.