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How to Start a Low Cost Cold Pressed Juice Business with ServiceWorks

There are four basic business models, but here we will focus on how to setup your business from home and deliver your goods.

Delivery model of the business has the lowest start-up cost as you don’t have to invest in a Brick and Mortar place. Many successful businesses have started up this way. And in today’s boom in eCommerce and delivery business this is not going to be hard.

YOu can either make juice in a rented commissary kitchen (you can usually rent by the hour), or in some cases even making juice at home and delivering your orders from there. However you have to be knowledgeable about your local health code law to start it from home.

You can allow customer to place orders for juices and cleanses online to be delivered the next day, or if you have your production and inventory under control, you can deliver immediately. You can build an ecommerce website very cheaply these days that can take order for juices and cleanses. If building an ecommerce website on a budget, here is a list of ways to create websites in reasonable cost. The process really isn’t very complicated to get an ecommerce site up and running. You can also try to offer your products on delivery apps like ServiceWorks.

ServiceWorks helps you manage your order, inventory and delivery all under one system in with the lowest processing fee.

Other than needing juice equipment, people, and an ecommerce website, you will need to do some marketing. Facebook has amazingly targeted marketing these days, and it’s relatively cheap. You can, for example, advertise to people in your area who have “liked” photos and accounts related to health food, nutrition, and fitness.

Once you get some orders rolling you can invest in a larger production space and put some more money into a better website and marketing.